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The History of Skin care:cos9

Taking care of our skin has been a practice that has not been neglected through thousands of years. Skincare and cosmetics have existed over many different generations and throughout archaeological history. The idea of skincare in its early stages was to offer facial decoration that would intimidate enemies as well as raise status. Original skincare and cosmetics were designed to help make a person more attractive to the opposite sex and to prevent discomfort from the aging process/ from the rays of the sun etc.

Although more basic needs were more prevalent in the past such as shelter, food and clothing, as society advanced we took a deeper look into the idea of skincare as well as the need for anti-aging in skincare. Around 2000 years ago metal backed glass mirrors began to become a more used item. Reflective copper discs from Egyptian times were thought to have been designed for cosmetics and skincare as well.

Skincare today has changed extensively. There are so many different products available on the market that boast antiaging capabilities, protection from the sun and more. While many of these products do work extensively well, skincare can get quite expensive. The nice part about skincare however is that if a person is dedicated to protecting their skin, there are plenty of ways to make skin softer as well as to reduce the look of aging.

A new and popular choice for skincare includes the product Go glow. This product builds off of the benefits of a facial mask or facial spa treatment. The only difference is that this is much faster and more convenient to use than a full spa treatment or at home facial treatment. Otherwise known as the lunchtime facelift or lunchtime facial, this product can be applied almost anywhere and bring your skin an instant lift even on the go!

The future for skincare looks bright and with products like Go Glow, even extensive treatments which offer a huge benefit to the health of our skin are becoming much more convenient.